BCM India Pastors conference 2014

BCM India Conference Report

(Nov. 10 – 16, 2014)

After much prayer and planning the BCM India Pastors’ Conference and Ordination was held in the month of November, 10 – 16, 2014. 206 BCM Pastors from across India attended the conference. It was a time of learning. The soul stirring messages that were delivered during the course of the program truly equipped and encouraged the Pastors. Indeed, it was a blessed experience for all the participants.

A special mention here of the Ordination classes that were conducted on the 10th 11th & 12th of November, 2014. 25 Pastors were part of these valuable sessions. After the session, Rev. Mathew Mills and his team had a one to one talk with the Pastors and all 25 of them qualified for the ordination.  The importance of being ordained is being more responsible in the church ministry, having a vision and impacting the community with the life of Jesus and the Gospel. The ordination sessions were exciting in itself as they were reminded of the great commission – to go forth and establish His kingdom. It was a time of spiritual nourishment.

The conference was divided into three important segments. 1) The opening session 2) Naming of the conference center after Dr.Dalavai 3) The Ordination

For the opening session, the esteemed guests were welcomed and introduced in a traditional manner. During the opening address Mr. Paul Padmakar BCM India Exective Director a special mention was made about how the ministry progressed and expanded in different regions, even though their spiritual guide and mentor Dr. Dalavai was no more with them, the ministry did not see any major setback as the Pastor’s pressed on in their task to build the Lord’s kingdom, though his absence was deeply missed!!! In the keynote address, ministry updates from across India was brought forward and the Pastors felt challenged after listening to the message from the book of Nehemiah. All the Pastors were called to refocus and be more deeply involved in the ministry which the Lord had commissioned to them. A special mention was made of the main theme of the conference “…..Rise and Build…”!!! BCM International Vice President Rev. Joe Ducks from the International office shared a few moments and greeted all the Pastors.  The BCM India – Board Members also expressed their greetings.

After the opening session the teaching program commenced.  The theme selected for the conference was from the book of Nehemiah. ‘…. Rise and Build…” Nehemaih 2:20.  The topics dealt with were Discipleship, Holiness & Faithfulness, Stewardship, Church Development and BCM Ministries’ Core Values.” The Resource Persons were Rev.Mathew Mills, Dr. Howard MCneill, Rev. Varenen  Gounde , Rev. John Peter and Rev. Joe Dukes. All the messages were presented and communicated well with clarity of thought, exhibiting an in-depth and exhaustive study, and hence with a certain liberty in the Word of God and also relevant in the present situation. The messages were translated into three regional languages Hindi, Telugu and Oriya.

On 15th November, from11.00am to 1.00 pm a special program was conducted, the highlight of which, was to name the Ebenezer Conference Center after Dr. Dalavai. It was an important program in the agenda.  Mr. Paul Padamar presided over the program. Apart from the BCM India Board Members, Pastors and staff, 20 Christian Leaders and Pastors from the local churches and who were closely associated with Dr. Dalavai were present for this special occasion. The program commenced with the unveiling of the flax by Mrs. Dr. Dalavai. Rev. Joe Ducks prayed and named the conference center after Dr. Dalavai. The conference center is now named ‘Dr. Dalavai’s Memorial Conference Center’. The latter part of the program in memory of Dr. Dalavai started with a prayer and each person shared and gave tribute and remembered his vision and burden for the BCM ministry for India. Rev. Meno Joel shared the word of God which was truly encouraging and fulfilling.

On 16th   November, Sunday, after the worship service, the session of the Ordination of the Pastors commenced. 25 Pastors were prepared and were selected for the Ordination. These Pastors are from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telagana  and Karnataka. Rev. Joe Ducks delivered the ordination message. It was a blessed time for the Ordination candidates and as well as for the other Pastors present. Rev. Mathew Mills presided over the service and pronounced the Ordination Prayer and all National and International Leaders and Pastors prayed and laid their hands on each Pastor. After the Ordination, the Ordination Certificates were distributed. Rev. Mathew Mills sponsored a Bible and Bible study material for each ordained Pastor. The conference ended with a prayer and benediction.

We praise God for His blessing and for giving us His strength to continue to labor in His vineyard.

BCM India Team



Christmas & New Year Greetings.

Dear Brother in Christ.

Greetings in Jesus name.

We have come to the end of the year 2014. It has been a year of nostalgia, of melancholy and of bittersweet experiences. In the month of January, 2014 our leader, Dr. Dalavai,  BCM Director  went to be with the Lord and later in the year, in the month of November 2014, my mother was called to her heavenly abode. We know that they are resting in the Lord, and so we are strengthened in Him. Amidst this earthly loss, God is continuing to do mighty things in our ministry across India. Many people came to the Lord and the church of the Lord was established. Hundreds of people took baptism in different regions. In the month of February, 2014, a children’s program was conducted in two areas in the state of Jharkhand. Church planters’ training and Christian education training programs were also conducted.  And in the month of March 2014, the Ministry Leaders Planning meeting was held. The month of November 2014, witnessed the highlight of the year – the Annual Pastor’s National Conference and Ordination service. 208 Pastors from across India attended the conference and 25 Pastors received their ordinations. It was a blessed and encouraging occasion.  As we look back we see that at every moment we witnessed His faithfulness, His provision and His protection. We thank God for our prayer partners and sponsors and those who faithfully stand by us praying and sacrificially supporting our Ministry. It is because of your relentless Prayer and support we could do so much. Please continue to uphold and support our ministry

My family is fine though my wife’s health continues to be a matter of concern and so we covet your prayers. She is under medication. My daughter is working and is also studying,  my son is in the first year of his graduation. We need your prayers.

We are praying for you and wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and a blessed New Year.


Joseph and family.

Rev. K.E. Joseph .

Ministry Director,  BCM India.

Phone. No. 019-9618958778.

Rev.Jim Barber’s visit to BCM, North India

Visit to  Amda village:

BCM  Jharkhand – The ministry based on the ‘Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ’, is a threefold ministry. 1)  A church in every village. 2) To stand with people who are socially discarded and 3) To make disciples. Evangelism and Church planting, social involvement and teaching and training for grass root level Christian workers is the major thrust in that direction and for which we covet your prayers more than anything else.

In the year 2008, BCM started its ministry in the state of Jharkhand. Rev. Ful Chand Matho is leading the ministry. There are 13 Pastors serving the Lord in different regions, covering 4 districts of Jharkhand and 3 pastors serve the Lord in the state of Chattisghad.

Rev.Jim Barber along with Rev.K.E.Joseph, Co-ordinator, North India, visited the BCM ministry area at Amda village, in the state of Jharkhand on 17 th January 2014.  Around 400 people, including children attended the one day program. The program started at 10.30 am and the details of the events conducted are as follows,

1)      Common meeting with believers and Pastors  (400 believers including children)

2)      Meeting with Pastors                                         (13 Pastors)

3)      Meeting with newly appointed Pastors              (5 Pastors)

4)      Meeting with Trainers                                        (14 Young people)

Pastor Jim Barber delivered two messages. He spoke on the subject ‘Living Waters’ reading the Scripture portion from John – Chapter 4.  He said that it is only through Jesus Christ that we can have the Living Water by which people can receive salvation and attain eternal life. The people he ministered to were encouraged and blessed by his message. After the message 16 people came forward and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and decided to take the baptism as well. After the message Pastor Jim Barber prayed for all the people and a special prayer was offered for the people who dedicated their lives that day.

Bore well Dedication:  Rev.Jim Barber dedicated the bore well at the B.C.M Church in Amda village. All the BCM Church members and the entire community will be benefitted from this endeavour. It indeed is a blessing…!!!

Motor Bike Dedication:  Rev. Jim Barber presented a two wheeler (motor Bike) to the Pastor, Sunil  Munda.  His church is located 40 KM away from his residence and it had become very difficult to commute to church and back. After receiving the bike his ministry has noticeably expanded to many new villages!!! Let us offer our hearts in gratitude and let us praise God for the Bore-well and the Motor bike..

After delivering the two messages Pastor Jim had a meeting with the Pastors. The Pastors were really blessed and they shared their challenges/problems that they faced in the ministry that God had entrusted to them.  Some of the Pastors expressed their needs,  and finally, Pastor Jim Barber prayed and closed  the meeting.


Ministry Needs:

  • 3 motor Bikes for the Pastors in Jharkhand and West Bengal region
  • 2 Bore-wells for in the North Indian region
  • Bible training program for 24 people (two batches of 12 persons in each batch) in Jharkhand and Haryana states                          
  • 5 Bicycles for Pastors
  • Sound system  and  hand mike for the our outreach programs and small conventions

We thank God for Pastor. Jim Barber and for the love he has for the BCM ministry in India. We are praying for him and his ministry and his family. May God continue to bless him…!!!


Rev. K. E. Joseph

Ministry Director

BCM International





BCM Pastor Sunil Munda’s Ministry Report


During the month of February 28th 2014, I visited Pastor Sunil Munda’s ministry area and his church. The church is 120 km from Amda BCM Jharkhand center. A special program was arranged which made my visit a memorable one. The program started at 11.00 AM. 150 believers, including children attended the program. They all came from different villages, from in and around Bajabada village, District – West Singhbana. Along with me (Rev. K.E.Joseph), BCM Jharkhand supervisor Rev. Fulchand Matho and Pastor Mata Purty graced the occasion. It was a beautiful experience to have been welcomed by the local believers in a traditional way, after which they all actively participated in the worship service with singing of hymns and praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Straight after the worship, we had the Bible reading session followed by the sharing of some wonderful…

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BCM Pastor Sunil Munda’s Ministry Report


During the month of February 28th 2014, I visited Pastor Sunil Munda’s ministry area and his church. The church is 120 km from Amda BCM Jharkhand center. A special program was arranged which made my visit a memorable one. The program started at 11.00 AM. 150 believers, including children attended the program. They all came from different villages, from in and around Bajabada village, District – West Singhbana. Along with me (Rev. K.E.Joseph), BCM Jharkhand supervisor Rev. Fulchand Matho and Pastor Mata Purty graced the occasion. It was a beautiful experience to have been welcomed by the local believers in a traditional way, after which they all actively participated in the worship service with singing of hymns and praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Straight after the worship, we had the Bible reading session followed by the sharing of some wonderful testimonies which was really a blessing to have witnessed. Three people shared their personal experience of their walk with the Lord in a daily basis. It is interesting to note that all the believers come from the Hindu background and especially from the Mundari people groups. The worship service was conducted in the vernacular (Mundari language). Rev. K. E. Joseph in his address said that ‘God is doing mighty things, He is building His Church and He is using different people at different times to accomplish His purpose.’ (Math. 16: 13-18). Everyone present were really encouraged by the message and during the altar call 8 people accepted the Lord as their personal Savior and 18 people rededicated their life for the Master’s use. 

Sunday School Children’s program:Pastor Sunil Munda’s Church children were celebrating the Sunday School annual program. The children presented some action songs and there was also a Bible memory verse competition. 8 children participated.  Some gifts were distributed to the children to encourage them in their endeavor.

Baptism:  After the special meeting 16 people look water baptism. I praise God  for the ministry in this area which is progressing with each passing day. After being blessed with the two wheeler, Pastor Sunil Munda expanded his ministry to 9 villages, which is quite far from his church and residence.

Laying of the Foundation Stone for Church Building:Pastor Sunil Munda is conducting the worship service in a believer’s house every Sunday. Now the house owner provided a piece of land for the construction of a church. Rev. K.E. Joseph and the Area Supervisor, Rev. Ful Chand Matho and the elders of his church prayed and dedicated the land for the glory of the Lord. Rev. K.E.Joseph laid the foundation stone for the Church building.

Pray for:

  • One bore well in his area
  • Two new village congregations
  • Support for his children’s education
  • Church Construction
  • Believers and new ministry areas


Thank you for your constant prayer and help for our Jharkhand BCM ministry.

Rev. K.E.Joseph



North India Ministry Prayer Highlights.

North India BCM Ministry Update (PRAYER)


During the past month, we had the wonderful opportunity to preach the Gospel in different regions of North India. We have seen and experienced the anointing and out-pouring of the Holy Spirit in the ministry. We would like to share our experiences with you so that you can continue to uphold us in your prayers.

HaryanaRev. Mange Ram leads the ministry in Haryana. Pray for the outreach programs and for the new believers’ group. A Bible study group has been started in the village of ‘Nadana’. Eight people took baptism in the month of September. Pastor Digen Pani along with the believers of Moda village is praying arduously for the construction of a church in the village. Pray for their growing ministry and for their needs.

PunjabPastor Younis Masih is leading the ministry in the state of Punjab. A special gospel meeting was conducted in Pastor Younis Masih’s Church. Twelve people partook in water baptism. Pray for the ministry in the state of Punjab. Pray for Balbeer Singh and his family.

RajasthanMange Lal is leading the local ministry. Pray for the ministry team, who by the grace of our Lord, have started worship services in different villages. During the past one month, eight villages were reached and eight people from different areas took baptism. Pray for the construction of the church building at ‘Pai’ village in the District of Udaipur. Our Pastor, Hera Lal was arrested and was jailed for three days because he preached the Gospel in the village of Dongpur. Please pray for strength in times of peril as he continues to toil in the Lord’s vineyard. Praise God for the Rajasthan BCM ministry.

Himachal PradeshPastor Diwan Chand leads the ministry in Himachal Pradesh. Pray for the new outreach programs conducted in the villages and also pray for the new believers. A new congregation has been started at Sundernagar and the ministry has expanded to three more new villages.

Uttar PradeshAnil Masih and Nison Das takes care of the ministry in Uttar Pradesh. A one – day youth program was conducted wherein forty eight young people participated in the program. Twelve people are attending the Baptism class. Bible studies are being conducted in two new villages. More and more people are coming to our worship service every Sunday.  Pray for a musical instrument for the Church.

JharkhandThe ministry here is led by Rev. Ful Chand Mahot. The ministry is progressing in different areas of Jharkhand. We are happy to let you know that last month, thirty eight people, from different areas participated in water baptism. This month we have a special meeting at Sunil Munda’s, church. A gospel meeting was stopped by a local anti-Christian activist who allegedly reported about the meeting to the local police station. We were called to the police station and we verbally explained the situation to the police personnel. He let us go without taking any action. We praise God for His strength. The whole incident was reported in the local newspaper. Pray for our ministry and for the five new people who will be joining the ministry soon.

ChhattisgarhThree Pastors are ministering in this state and last month, twenty nine people took water baptism. For Pastor Pradeep Minz’s church (Bingpur) believer’s, Rev. Ful Chand Matho gave the baptism. In the evening a Gospel meeting was organized and one hundred and fifty people came for the meeting of which many heard the Gospel for the very first time. Pray for the ministry in the state of Chhattisgarh.

West BengalIn this state, there are four Pastors ministering in different areas. A Church building at Chalsa, which is under Pastor Joel Nayak’s ministry area, was dedicated for the Lord’s ministry on 29th September 2013 by Dr. Chip. More than one hundred people came for the worship and dedicational service. Also, a foundation stone was laid for another church building in West Bengal at Nagarkata. Pray for the new believers’ groups and the outreach programs.

Orissa Rev. D.K.Nayak is leading the ministry in Orissa with thirty seven Pastors. Many unreached villages were reached with the Gospel. Please pray for the cyclone affected areas. Three church buildings and thirteen believers’ homes were damaged.

Prayer Points

Pray for the new believer groups

Baptism and outreach programs

A laptop for our office work and the ministry

Pastor’s monthly support

Servant hood, leadership and God’s anointing

More people to be added to His kingdom


Thank you for your prayers



(Ministry Director.)


Email. josephkarnal@gmail.com


Phone:  091- 961895877