Christmas & New Year Greetings.

Dear Brother in Christ.

Greetings in Jesus name.

We have come to the end of the year 2014. It has been a year of nostalgia, of melancholy and of bittersweet experiences. In the month of January, 2014 our leader, Dr. Dalavai,  BCM Director  went to be with the Lord and later in the year, in the month of November 2014, my mother was called to her heavenly abode. We know that they are resting in the Lord, and so we are strengthened in Him. Amidst this earthly loss, God is continuing to do mighty things in our ministry across India. Many people came to the Lord and the church of the Lord was established. Hundreds of people took baptism in different regions. In the month of February, 2014, a children’s program was conducted in two areas in the state of Jharkhand. Church planters’ training and Christian education training programs were also conducted.  And in the month of March 2014, the Ministry Leaders Planning meeting was held. The month of November 2014, witnessed the highlight of the year – the Annual Pastor’s National Conference and Ordination service. 208 Pastors from across India attended the conference and 25 Pastors received their ordinations. It was a blessed and encouraging occasion.  As we look back we see that at every moment we witnessed His faithfulness, His provision and His protection. We thank God for our prayer partners and sponsors and those who faithfully stand by us praying and sacrificially supporting our Ministry. It is because of your relentless Prayer and support we could do so much. Please continue to uphold and support our ministry

My family is fine though my wife’s health continues to be a matter of concern and so we covet your prayers. She is under medication. My daughter is working and is also studying,  my son is in the first year of his graduation. We need your prayers.

We are praying for you and wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and a blessed New Year.


Joseph and family.

Rev. K.E. Joseph .

Ministry Director,  BCM India.

Phone. No. 019-9618958778.


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