North India Ministry Prayer Highlights.

North India BCM Ministry Update (PRAYER)


During the past month, we had the wonderful opportunity to preach the Gospel in different regions of North India. We have seen and experienced the anointing and out-pouring of the Holy Spirit in the ministry. We would like to share our experiences with you so that you can continue to uphold us in your prayers.

HaryanaRev. Mange Ram leads the ministry in Haryana. Pray for the outreach programs and for the new believers’ group. A Bible study group has been started in the village of ‘Nadana’. Eight people took baptism in the month of September. Pastor Digen Pani along with the believers of Moda village is praying arduously for the construction of a church in the village. Pray for their growing ministry and for their needs.

PunjabPastor Younis Masih is leading the ministry in the state of Punjab. A special gospel meeting was conducted in Pastor Younis Masih’s Church. Twelve people partook in water baptism. Pray for the ministry in the state of Punjab. Pray for Balbeer Singh and his family.

RajasthanMange Lal is leading the local ministry. Pray for the ministry team, who by the grace of our Lord, have started worship services in different villages. During the past one month, eight villages were reached and eight people from different areas took baptism. Pray for the construction of the church building at ‘Pai’ village in the District of Udaipur. Our Pastor, Hera Lal was arrested and was jailed for three days because he preached the Gospel in the village of Dongpur. Please pray for strength in times of peril as he continues to toil in the Lord’s vineyard. Praise God for the Rajasthan BCM ministry.

Himachal PradeshPastor Diwan Chand leads the ministry in Himachal Pradesh. Pray for the new outreach programs conducted in the villages and also pray for the new believers. A new congregation has been started at Sundernagar and the ministry has expanded to three more new villages.

Uttar PradeshAnil Masih and Nison Das takes care of the ministry in Uttar Pradesh. A one – day youth program was conducted wherein forty eight young people participated in the program. Twelve people are attending the Baptism class. Bible studies are being conducted in two new villages. More and more people are coming to our worship service every Sunday.  Pray for a musical instrument for the Church.

JharkhandThe ministry here is led by Rev. Ful Chand Mahot. The ministry is progressing in different areas of Jharkhand. We are happy to let you know that last month, thirty eight people, from different areas participated in water baptism. This month we have a special meeting at Sunil Munda’s, church. A gospel meeting was stopped by a local anti-Christian activist who allegedly reported about the meeting to the local police station. We were called to the police station and we verbally explained the situation to the police personnel. He let us go without taking any action. We praise God for His strength. The whole incident was reported in the local newspaper. Pray for our ministry and for the five new people who will be joining the ministry soon.

ChhattisgarhThree Pastors are ministering in this state and last month, twenty nine people took water baptism. For Pastor Pradeep Minz’s church (Bingpur) believer’s, Rev. Ful Chand Matho gave the baptism. In the evening a Gospel meeting was organized and one hundred and fifty people came for the meeting of which many heard the Gospel for the very first time. Pray for the ministry in the state of Chhattisgarh.

West BengalIn this state, there are four Pastors ministering in different areas. A Church building at Chalsa, which is under Pastor Joel Nayak’s ministry area, was dedicated for the Lord’s ministry on 29th September 2013 by Dr. Chip. More than one hundred people came for the worship and dedicational service. Also, a foundation stone was laid for another church building in West Bengal at Nagarkata. Pray for the new believers’ groups and the outreach programs.

Orissa Rev. D.K.Nayak is leading the ministry in Orissa with thirty seven Pastors. Many unreached villages were reached with the Gospel. Please pray for the cyclone affected areas. Three church buildings and thirteen believers’ homes were damaged.

Prayer Points

Pray for the new believer groups

Baptism and outreach programs

A laptop for our office work and the ministry

Pastor’s monthly support

Servant hood, leadership and God’s anointing

More people to be added to His kingdom


Thank you for your prayers



(Ministry Director.)




Phone:  091- 961895877



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