About our Ministry.

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We are working in North India, our ministry is a Baptist ministry. Our main goal is ‘A Church in every village’ and ‘Be with the people those who are socially discarded’ and ‘Make disciples’. Church planting and Evangelism, social involvement and training for the grass root level Christian workers. For the last years we are give the training and pales them in different area.   It is good to working for the LORD. I experience His presence everyday. Many people are coming for the Training program.

We Have different kind of training program.

Leadership Training.

Church Planters Training.

Believers Training.

Evangelism Training.  All training are three months residential program.  We are looking forward to have more training in the coming year.

Thank you.


Rev.Joseph Kattumattam.


3 thoughts on “About our Ministry.

  1. Reverend, we are praying for you, your family and your ministry! May God continue to guide you and keep you under His Wing as you spread the Gospel of Christ. We pray for an overflow of blessings come upon all areas of your ministry… May the peace of God be with you always.

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