BCM Pastor Sunil Munda’s Ministry Report


During the month of February 28th 2014, I visited Pastor Sunil Munda’s ministry area and his church. The church is 120 km from Amda BCM Jharkhand center. A special program was arranged which made my visit a memorable one. The program started at 11.00 AM. 150 believers, including children attended the program. They all came from different villages, from in and around Bajabada village, District – West Singhbana. Along with me (Rev. K.E.Joseph), BCM Jharkhand supervisor Rev. Fulchand Matho and Pastor Mata Purty graced the occasion. It was a beautiful experience to have been welcomed by the local believers in a traditional way, after which they all actively participated in the worship service with singing of hymns and praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Straight after the worship, we had the Bible reading session followed by the sharing of some wonderful…

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