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Leader –Leadership.

Our world, Our nation, Our church, Our Society need leaders. There is a call for effective leaders. A leader know the way, shows the way, and goes the way, though  thoughts, words and action. We need effective leadership to respond to the reality that challenges us.

Leadership is an art or process of influencing people  so that they will strive, willingly and  enthusiastically, with zeal and confidence, towards the achievement of goals.

Leadership is the interpersonal influence exercised in a situation and directed, though the communication process towards the attainment specialized goals.

Leading  with purpose, Picture, plan  and participation:

We can identify in the story of Exodus four words that describe four separate events in motivating any person to undertake a great task.

The Purpose  of the exodus was clear –to get out from slavery. But Moses made the journey more compelling. He revealed the journey as God’s will. Moses painted a picture  of a bright future back in their own homeland Canaan ‘land flowing of milk and honey’. They would regain their national identity as people of God.

Moses had a Plan to get there. The people had a walk behinds him through the desert, finally, to build this people into a nation that could inspire other nation, There was a Part or role for each person to perform. Every Israelite  was to faithfully follow the ten Commandments and they would be happy.

What  Moses accomplished  was incredible. Can we learn anything from his success. ?


Find the right purpose. Take time, search the present situation and  see what is happening in the lives of people. include everyone in the process of finding the purpose. Form a clear ,concise and compelling purpose. First, collect all the people’s  ideas and suggestions, brain storming, then prioritize the items according to some values from most important one to least. Formulate and articulate the purpose in one powerful message- statement, keeping in mind the end result. Keep the purpose close to the people. Keep the purpose loyal to the core values. Push the purpose to the limit. Desire- Define-Decide-  Determine-Discipline. Stay focused on the purpose. Make the purpose effective. 


Having a picture in our minds of our future life keeps us fixed up and energized for work. The power of imagination and visualization is awesome. Keeping in a vivid picture in our heads of the goal we want organizes our mental resources effectively. A well-drawn picture can keep everyone on track, painting a picture of the present also help fire the desire more. Even though we want to change the present situation, we need to make sure we know exactly why we are changing and moving.


Planning is the road map to our purpose. Planning deals with the actual process of work itself. Planning our work, means laying out all the steps we need to take before we begin. It involves anticipation, Goals, Objective and purpose must clearly point out.

Before setting goals we need to know four things SWOT.

It is Strengths, It is weaknesses,  It is Opportunities and Threats.

Strengths  and weakness are internal, opportunities and threats are external.

Forming goals-plan smart, Good leaders plan in a smart way, Purpose must be remembered, List priorities, Now is the time to do it. The goal must be specific, measurable, meaningful, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

Participating In The Purpose.

If people are not certain about their role, they will lose interest and lower their standards of behavior and belief. It involves people’s actual activities as well as the leaders attitude towards them. It involves the people’s sense of their importance, worth and significance.

Each person must have clear idea what the task is. Communication in the group is important. It creates a sense of team, the best team includes members who know what they are doing why. Communicate with credibility ,confidently and clearly.

Deep within every person is a natural desire to do well, to succeed and to excel. If that desire is nourished, the person con truly do great things. People want do well. how to do well must be learned.

Create  the desire to Co-worker (participate)-STAR.

A good leader will SUPORT the people in good and rough times.

TRAIN them in the tools they need to success.

ACKNOWLEDGE their ideas, opinions and suggestion.

REWARD them when they succeed in their work (ministry)

So the purpose sets the direction, the picture fires the will to do the work. The plan sets out the order of events and participation assigns he individual and group tasks.



1)      Servant  Leadership:  centered around service, support and  empowerment. The leader exhibits concern, humility, sacrifice and group building.

(Luk 22:26-28, Mark 10:45, Mth 20:26-28)

 2) Shepherd Leadership:  concentrated on care, courage and guidance,(Ps.23, John.10:11, John 21:15-19.) The leader knows his people, is available to them, leads and guides them.

3)  Steward  Leadership: consists of trustworthiness, responsibility and accountability Math 25:14, Luke 12:42,43 John 15:16.

The above leadership models are not watertight compartment but rather complimentary.


Bynum tree style.  No encouragement,  anybody to come up in the leadership level.. There is a saying ; under a bynan  tree no grass will grow.

Dictator style: The leader has no concern for inter personal relationship assumes that he knows what is best. The members are passive. The leader does not trust others.

Administrative Style: The leader is more tasks oriented that person centered. Gives much emphasis on efficient management, achievement and success.

Laissez faire style: The leader is over concerned for the interpersonal relationship. Goes ahead without proper direction and organization and does not initiate structure into the group.

Democratic Style: This leader is enthusiastic; full of initiative and creativity in decision making he/she consults others.

Christian/Servant Style: The leader influences through example and convinces by his presence. Leadership is always exercised with others in a corporate way.



> Confidence:   Confidence in yourself, Confidence others, Confidence in your cause,

Confidence in God’s assistance.

> Optimism :      A belief that the goal is not only good but that it will be reached.

> Knowledge :    An understanding of the underlying problems, what needs to be done

And how to go about and getting it done.

> Concern For Others: A love and care that reaches out in God’s name to every human


> Decisiveness :   The ability to weigh option, Make decision  and gain the acceptance of

The group.

> Openness:   A respect for the opinions of all  and a desire to work with people of

Divergent views and personalities.

> Good Example:  A willingness to help with even menial task,  to be out in front, and to

Support the members of the group in their endeavors.

> Patience :       The willingness to get the ideas ripen, to plan adequately , to wait for the

Right time for action.

> Courage : The courage to withstand the critics, sacrifice self, to resist pressure and to

Continue in the face of the adversity.

> Communication.  The ability to understand what others are trying to say and to convey

Decisions and action pans clearly.



Credibility–    there is a connection between words and behavior.

Boldness–       good leaders take risks- personal risks.

Skilled–           people admire skill and accomplishment, competent as a guide.

Steadiness–     good leaders can keep a level head, even when others are losing theirs.

Passion–          good leaders are on fire with zeal to accomplish the mission.

Caring-           good leaders take care of their followers.

These qualities keep energy focused and directed to the goals despite the many problems that arise. Real leaders serve others not themselves. They become servant leaders.

Real leaders have followers,

Real leaders lead from the front.,

Real leaders make constant improvements and

Real leaders make new leaders.

The Church and the entire human community banks on the youth to lead the world into a new era of justice, peace and prosperity.

Genuine leadership comes from the quality of your vision and your ability to spark others to extraordinary  performance “     By Jack Weleh.

“Everything begin with an idea.”

“ Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well”

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attraction “  By Albert Einstain.


                                             LEADERSHIP :

                       10 Areas to  help you grow into an effective Leader;

1)Fairness and  Impartiality :  Be fair  to all, no  matter who he is. Even if you have  to be strict, the group will respect you, Do not favor a few in the group.

2)      Integrity, Sincerity and Honesty:  In  big matters and in little  things , be sincere. You will be admired when you practice what you preach.

3)      Initiative, Courage, SelfConfidence, Decisiveness:  Fear not if you are sure what you are doing is right. Learn to take calculated risks. After  carefully judging the situation, make decisions confidently

     4)  Ability to make and keep friends:   A good report with people  will help you to

Feel supported in all your endeavors. Feel with them , know what they are going

Through . Spend time with them and listen and understand.

5)      Enthusiasm and the ability to motivate others to work with zest. Be  genuinely interested in your work and your team. Keep  in mind the goals you are aiming for and remind your team of the same.  Praise  works better than unnecessary criticism.

6)      Curiosity, Observation, Open- mindedness.  Keep your eyes open like a child  as though you are seeing everything for the first time.. Observe , investigate, Question, don’t take thing for granted . Be open to others and to old people who  have more experience and learnt from the book of life.

7)      Thoroughness and  the striving for perfection . If you do something , put yourself completely into it.  Never do anything half-heartedly. Give 100 % and you will smile at the effort you have made.

8)      Resourcefulness, Creativity and Originality :  Look for a new ways to do the old jobs. Be creative, use your ideas, Don’t follow the routine if you can think of a better way to do something.

9)      Team Spirit, Coordination, Strategy and Execution.  Walk not ahead of your group, nor push them from behind, It is better to walk with them.

10)      Pick Up Skills and Technical Mastery:  Learn the tricks of the trade. Be competent in your field. Master the techniques. Develop your talents as much as you can and use them. Keep learning throughout life and you will always feel young.




L           Loyal-                  Dedication and Devotion to his work.


E           Efficient-              Brining out the best in everything and from everyone.


A           Appreciative  –    Thoughtful, grateful, and  thankful.


D            Disciplinarian-   Oriented on self discipline than imposed discipline.


E            Economical  –     Optimizes use of resources.


R            Responsible –      Builds honesty, trust and confidence.


S            Simple-               Makes things easy and understandable.


H           Humble-              Face life with truth rather than escapism.


I            Ideal –                   Set good example for others.


P          Patient-                  Tries to understand and to advise than to penalize.

                                                              Life Coach. Rev. Joseph Kattumattam


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