Ministry Report

Jharkhand  Report.

In the state of Jharkhand our BCM ministry is leading by Rev. Ful Chand Matho  with 13 co-Pastors. In the month of July 12th and 13th we had BCM Pastors meeting and strategy training program were conducted  at Ranchi, all Pastors were presented  and also evening  Gospel meeting were conducted.  In each evening meeting  60 people were attended. In the Gospel meeting 38 people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. 23 people rededicated their life. It was a blessed time for our Pastors and the local believers.





Two days strategy training program we discuss about our goals and target, how to implement the strategy to achieve our target. All Pastors one by one shard about their ministry experience and blessing how God is leading them in the BCM ministry, and also what are the challenges they are facing in the ministry.  Each Pastor is adopting ten villages, and they know the names of ethnic groups they are working with and the predominant ethnic group in their locality. And also shard about the important of training for the grassroots level Church planters for your area. Each Pastor is responsible to train and raise support for an another Pastor in your area. ( A Pastor must produce an another  Pastor  or a Church must produce  and another Church)  And also we pointed out about the mobilization prayer and form new prayer cell in your area.

Pastors come with new plans and ideas for open discussion,   BCM Jharkhand Church planting vision and the strategy, and future planes. So this meeting was a great help for set their goals. It was a time for learning and renew their vision and rededicate their life for future ministry.

Church Building.

In the state of Jharkhand BCM ministry have three village Church buildings.

1)        Village Amba-   Pastor. fulChand Matho. 18 families.

2)        Village Rampur.  Pastor .Pradeep  minz  20 families

3)        Village Shivpur.   Pastor. Samuel Lakhar  21 families.

Our Jharkhand Pastors are praying that within one year time ten Church building.

Need Prayer.

> Prayer for the able leadership in the ministry.

> Music instrument for the Church.

> God’s wisdom and His knowledge for the ministry.

> fund for the church building .

Please pray for the ministry.

Yours faithfully.

Rev. K.E.Joseph. (Ministry Director.)


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