Rajasthan the largest state of India has Jaipur as its capital. It has 32 districts . The Aravali Range runs across the state from Mount Abu , which is 1,722 m in height to Khetri. Most of the region of Rajasthan is covered by Thar Desert. The state economy is mainly agricultural and pastoral. Sugarcane, pulses, oilseeds, cotton and tobacco are the major crops of the region. The Indira Gandhi Canal irrigates the northwest Rajasthan. It is also the largest producer of marble and sandstone.

It is mined at Makrana nearJodhpur. It has rich salt deposits at Sambhar and copper mines at Khetri and Dariba. The service sector boasts of its Tourism and Real estate. Because of its natural beauty and great history, Rajasthan also has a flourishing tourism industry. Many old and neglected palaces and forts have been converted into heritage hotels. The palaces of Jaipur, lakes of Udaipur , temples of Bikaner and desert forts of Jaisalmer are the favorite spots of tourists, both Indian and Foreign. Mount Abu is the only hill station of this state. The famous Thar Desert is also located her.


In the state of Rajasthan we have five missionaries are serving in different District.  All are involved in the ministry   with their families and also  working among the major people group ‘mehna’. Each Pastors has adopted ten villages for the outreach ministry, they are based at Pai, Bara,Pipli and Goram all these working place are 55 to 75 km away from Udaipur District headquarter . I have visited their working area last month conducted two meeting and one training program. (Below Pastor. Hrea lal is praying for the baptism service)

They have regular Sunday worship, and all other church activities are progressing. For my visit they arranged two meetings, one is at Pai and Saldrni village  ( Pai village is 55 Km from North Udaipur and other is 65 Km from south)  In each meeting  130 and 108 people were attended. Our meeting were started in night at  9.30 Pm and ended at 1.30 Am. It is an all night program and they provide food for all people. In the morning 3 Am we started walking for the baptism service, it is 4 Km we walked to reach  river. About 5.30 am I have given 16 baptism in Pai village and 15 at Saldrni village (total 31 people took baptism in this area).

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18 people accepted Jesus Christ in that area during my visit. In the state of Rajasthan Pastor Mange Lal is leading the ministry.


I have conducted one day leadership training for the Pastors. Ten Pastors were attended the training. It was a blessed time for deeper commitment.

Prayer Point.

>  pray for the outreach program.

>  One Two wheeler for Pastor. Mange lal.

>  Pastors Children educational help.

>  A village Church building  in Pai .

In the midst of uncertainties, political turmoil and economic recession, the Word of God remains unchanged and assures us confidence and hope. May God strengthen all His servants in BCM to carry out our responsibilities faithfully for His glory.

Rev.Joseph Kattumattam.

Phone. 091-9618958778,9671410967.






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