Ministry information.

Ministry Update.

Greetings to you in Jesus name.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. We are sharing the mission

news and ministry experience  with you the Lord has done in the past one month.


In the month of Febuary I have visited 12 villages in Haryana. And  some people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. And also I am meeting our old contact in different area.  In the month of February our regular Bible studies and cottage pray meeting and outreach program  many people here the word of God. On the  6th of Feb. we have our BCM Haryana Pastors meeting  all  our pastors were presented. I have visited sackra village and started a Bible study group and two families are attending.

Every day we have prayer meeting in different area, also I am going to visit each pastors working place and their Sunday worship. We have started a morning Bible study program, started at 7 am and ending at 9 am , local working class people are attending the Bible studies at present 8 people are attending.

In the month of February three training program I have conducted, one is at Karnal and Panipat and Jind District. Two FOF and one Bible teaching program. For the FOF training program 23 Pastors were attended, we introduce our FOF teaching books to the Pastors.

Prayer point.

Pray for the teaching and training program in the coming month.

Outreach and prayer meetings.

Easter and Good Friday program.

 My family  and all our needs.

God bless you.God’s guidance wisdom for the ministry.


God Bless you.

Rev.Joseph Kattumattam.






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