Training .

Motto  is:-  Learning  and Development.

(Learn the word of God and develop yourself and the establish churches.)

I strongly believe that Training is the pulse of Church growth. In the process of church growth and the expansion of the ministry we need training, to develop them and sharpen their skill and to promote and motivate in the ministry, so that they may deeply involve and focus in the ministry which the Lord has commission to them. BCM ministries developed many training martial for North Indian Pastors.

Basically there are three kind of training we conduct.


> Pastors Training.  This is two months training for the grass root level Christian workers, with in the training time he can understand BCM ministry well. At present all our BCM Pastors in North India had gone through the Church planting training. In the year 2009 two batches of North Indian Church planters training we conducted at Hyderabad BCM  EPC center. Totally 83 young people represented all North Indian states including Jahrkhand . Besides for the past years  we had conducted 8 church planters training program at Karnal Haryana.

We also train them how to make disciple, We believe in responsible evangelism. Scripture tells us to make disciples, not mere convert. We therefore believe that ‘hit and run’ evangelism is often more harmful than good. Any good outreach model must include Discipleship. So In the training we emphasis more on Disciple Making.

> Believers Training. Believers training we are conducing for the BCM church believers. So that they may actively involve in the church activities and over and abow they should feel that I belong to this Church and I have some responsibility towards my church. And also promote them how to do the evangelism, and teach them about Christian giving. Every believer is a witness. Train and equip  them for an active soul winner.(This is two days training program). 14 training I have conducted in the North Indian belt.

> Leadership Training . We select local potential leaders for the leadership training program.  

We teach them Personal leadership development, Sharpening the people skill and Team building.  All our North India state supervisors had taken this training. By the grace of God I have trained more than 150 leaders in North India.

 Besides BCM Christian education program is progressing in North India. Now we have FOF teaching martial in (Hindi) local language. I have conducted two teachers training program for BCM Pastors and other Church people.


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