BCM Celebration

BCM Ministries – 75th Anniversary Celebrations
It was an exciting time for all BCM Pastors and believers in North India. The program started at 10.30am, with an opening prayer. Pastors from Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Jharkhand , Uttrakhand and the local believers attended the program. Rev. K.E.Joseph, introduced the esteemed guests and honored them in the traditional North Indian style. Rev. V.U. Markose prayed and gave thanks to the Lord for the 75 years of BCM ministries across the globe and for His faithfulness, guidance and provision.

Rev. Martin D. Windle in his Presidential address spoke about the BCM Global Ministries and its growth over the years. He said that the ministry has grown from strength to strength. All were encouraged and challenged by his talk.

Three Pastors were selected to share their testimonies – about how they developed BCM Churches and ministries in different villages and also how they impacted the community with the BCM ministry. Rev. K.E.Joseph presented the North India BCM ministry update. In the report, Church planting and training development programs that were the landmarks of the ministry was emphasized upon and also the growth f the BCM Ministries in the North Indian states, was the highlight of the presentation. The entire report was crystallized into one vision statement, ’10 states – 115 Pastors – One vision – Church planting.’

Rev. Johnny Henderson, in his key note address, stressed upon the importance of “Walking with the Lord” and having a constant relationship with him. Going that ‘extra mile’ for the Lord was truly an enriching experience and all were encouraged by his message.

BCM honored three people for their commitment and faithful service to the ministry. Rev. V.U. Markose , working in Rajasthan for more than 25 years as a Church planter, Miss Christina Lal, a Bible senior teacher and pioneer in BCM Christian education ministry in India and Rev. K.E.Joseph, senior in BCM church planting and training. Rev. Dr. Dalavai spoke about their vision and commitment to BCM Ministries and gave away mementos in recognition of their service. Rev. Martin presented a certificate to Rev. V.U. Markose for his completion of 25 years in BCM ministries. Rev. Johnny Henderson prayed a special prayer for the three people who were honored.

Rev. Dr Dalavai, in his challenging message’ Vision for the 21st century’, emphasized upon the importance of having a vision for God’s ministry. He drew the attention of the audience to be prepared to listen to the Lord and go with His vision. He challenged the Pastors and believers to have vision for the 21st century.

The anniversary celebration ended with a closing prayer and benediction by Dr. Dalavai.

People’s response to the 75th anniversary celebrations of BCM Ministries in the North Indian region:

• A Local Pastor, R.K.John said that the messages were inspiring and especially Dr. Dalavai’s Vision for the 21st Century was very challenging. He personally was blessed to be part of the celebrations
• Pastor Krishan Lal, said that Rev. Johnny Henderson’s message ‘ going that extra mail’ was indeed challenging in his personal walk with the Lord
• BCM local believers felt honored to be part of such a big ministry as BCM Ministries, and felt the need to uphold the BCM ministry in their prayers, both for its growth and its leadership.

Rev. K E Joseph
Ministry Director.


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